Property Management

We can provide all of the services necessary to maintain your investment property. We can provide as much or as little assistance as you may require.

Our agents can help you find a home that meets your expectations. We have a friendly office staff and full time maintenance persons to help you with any of your concerns. Call us to begin the search for your new home now.

Building Maintenence

Our diverse and experienced staff goes above and beyond and our goal is to help the customer maintain the integrity of their property.

It could be minor repairs to drywall or paint, installing a new door, or changing out a light fixture. We offer these services with the benefits of financial savings, low liability, and high quality service. We are flexible and always willing to work around the customer’s schedule. We are only a phone call away for emergencies that need immediate attention.


Our estate maintenance program affords the homeowner the ability to enjoy their outdoors without the work required to keep it looking its best. Residential maintenance includes spring cleanup, mulching, weekly mowing, shrub pruning and fall cleanup.

Commercial maintenance services include mulching, spring cleanup, mowing, natural shrub pruning, leaf cleanup, parking lot sweeping, and edging plant beds. Our talented landscape designers are equipped to help with any landscape assessment and renovation projects. Maintenance fees are based on the size of the property, the frequency of service and the level of detail.